I have practiced law in Florida for more than a decade, until recently, litigating a single issue – the reasonable value of healthcare. Becoming an expert on this single issue has led to speaking engagements and litigation all over the United States and webinars for clients in countries all over the world. In short, it has fostered, and indeed required, collaboration.

I have collaborated with personal injury lawyers, wrongful death lawyers, workers compensation lawyers, contract lawyers, immigration lawyers, criminal lawyers, appellate lawyers, trust and estates lawyers, commercial litigators, lawyers specializing in the administrative compliance, cost containment companies, doctors, surgical centers, health insurers, and more. I maintain a mailing list of more than 3,000 lawyers in Florida, and membership in many of the states most active Trial Lawyer Associations, for one reason; to ensure my continued access to the vast network of lawyers I have come to rely upon. I want to provide you with access to that network.

Like most other professions, today’s legal system and the complexities of modern legal issues have led most lawyers to specialize. In fact, law firms offering multiple specialties have simply hired multiple lawyers in those different specialties. Understanding your legal issues and reasonable goals is a must, before you can possibly know what “kind” of lawyer is best suited to achieve those goals. In short, sometimes you need a good lawyer, just to find a good lawyer!

The modern age of information sharing and social media has also presented unique opportunities to not only market your services, but to help one another. “Connections,” now, take on a whole new meaning and importance; gone are the days of smoky back room connections. Now, we are linked and friended and pinned and tweeted…all in the interest of finding who and what you want and need, fast. This new landscape also allows consumers of legal services to quickly find lawyers. But are
they the “right” lawyers? Well, that process can be a bit trickier. If you are reading this, you found me. But how can I help you?

Well, I can “connect” you with whatever legal services you need, whether primarily rendered by me alone, in combination with other lawyers, or by another lawyer better suited for your specific legal issues. What you want is simple. You want to hire the best lawyer for your particular situation; you want the best value for your legal dollars. But did you know if you retain me and
I collaborate with another lawyer, it doesn’t cost you more? In other words, if “referral fees” are paid between your lawyers, it comes out of our pockets, never yours.  Through collaboration, I can deliver the value you seek, by consulting with you on your issue at NO CHARGE, and assisting you in retaining the best lawyer for your needs, whether that’s me, or not.

Most importantly, I will save you time and money by identifying and analyzing your legal issues and the rules governing them, then assembling the best legal team to suit your needs. My initial consultation is free, and is not limited to a predetermined period of time – call me, or fill out the below intake. Set up a free appointment, and I will help you clarify and articulate reasonable goals and decide who to retain, and why.


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Given the almost overwhelming mass marketing of modern
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I am a solo practitioner and my practice is small, by design.


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